3P | Mobile air conditioner
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Mobile air conditioner

Roof top AC

Compact and lightweight, AC Roof Top Roof Light Type FreshJet is an easy-to-use AC product, covering many types and models. ranging from the capacity for the smallest vehicle to large vehicles for the needs of the automotive market. With a compact size, AC Roof Top provides space for roofing accessories. Our Roof Top air conditioning comes with a general integration of current and soft starters. With our FreshJet, enjoy the cool dehumidifer air wherever you are.

Under-bench AC

AC-under the bench / planting model creates the perfect climate for your vehicle, without having to put extra weight on the roof. This air conditioner is very suitable for the needs of small vehicles up to 6m long. With low power consumption allows it to be used anywhere without any constraints.

DC inverter kit

This clever kits enable the air conditioner to run off the 12V/24V car battery even while driving. The kit includes a charging current distributor with low-voltage protection, which ensures optimal energy efficiency and saves previous battery power.