3P | Bus interior
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Bus interior

City bus interior

Today we found very common mass transportation in the Big City for people convenience transportation and we keen to support bus builder company who build these kind of Bus with our city bus interior products. We have various model of City bus interior which will suit your bus Model, therefore we will give you our strong recomendation and solution.

Coach bus interior

Indonesia connecting by island and continent, and therefore we need massive and comfort transportation to go on with. Coach bus are the one for the answer for common transportation between provinces to another, We realized passenger will need comfort and nice interior when they travel on long range Coach bus. We support and sell our coach bus interior products to the coach bus builder company so the customer will have their satisfaction quality.

Medium bus interior

Hoping to one place to another place by short range medium bus would also one of Indonesia trends, Medium Bus already become mass transportation divide as Economic class, Medium Coach Bus, and Medium City Bus. We aware with this trend and we want to be part of it. We bring innovative and simple Medium Bus product here for you.