3P | About us
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About us

Established in 2017, PT PILAR PRIMA PERSADA is one of the leading professional companies for vehicle equipment, vehicle accessories and heavy equipment vehicles. The company is founded by the owner with dedication from work experience in establishing long-term business partnership with many principal abroad for internal company needs before.

Who we are

Under the brand of PT. PILAR PRIMA PERSADA which concentrate on Automobile, Auto parts equipment and machinery, we currently bringing leading and satisfaction products to fullfill Indonesian market and needs as we import and selling directly to the many customer nation wide.

What we do

We aware that the world is always changing fast, and so does Automotive Industries, so we always keep up with the change and become innovative on exploring new Automotive products. Our goal is to provide the best solutions for customer’s need and great customer business partner solution.

Corporate Responsibility

Best response time

Our consultant always stand by and try to give the best any time anywhere with fast respond

Best work management

Our team always try the best to manage and maintain our service

Bring new innovation

We develope new product and make the journey more valuable and easier to any people at any age and condition

Give best service

Our technician and consultant will give best service to you and good maintain to the product you want to get